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MagSafe 2 is Apple’s update to their power supplies. It’s more energy-efficient, charges faster, doesn’t heat up as much, and is more difficult to break. MagSafe 2 is for MacBook Air/Pro late 2012.
The MagSafe 2 magnetic connection is more shallow than the MagSafe was, which could reduce the risk of poor connection caused by a bend on the connector. MagSafe is for MacBook Air/Pro earlier 2012.
You could use an adapter to convert a MagSafe to a MagSafe 2 connection, but We don’t think it will cause it to charge more efficiently. Be careful to always use the correct wattage on your computer, too. Just because the connection fits doesn’t mean it should be used to charge your laptop.


The 45 watt charger would only be useful to charge a MacBook Air

The 65 watt will charge every model as well except the 17&15″ Macs

The 85 watt will charge all models.


A green light tells you that you have a full charge and a orange light means a battery charging.


It’s 70 inches long, excluding the extra extension cord. So that’s 5 feet, and 10 Inches. Or 5.83 Feet. Or 1.778 meters.